Height of spaces 1-8 are 14.5′.  Height of PT/Golf Area is 16.5′. Check out our online brochure for turf layout & space dimensions.

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Turf Rental Pricing

Special single rental pricing may be offered through our partner app Catch Corner by Sports Illustration.
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Rentals 30 Minutes60 Minutes
Batting Cage Rental$40.00$75.00
Single Tunnel Rental$40.00$75.00
Two Tunnels Rental$75.00$120.00
Three Tunnels Rental$110.00$155.00
Four Tunnels Rental $145.00$185.00
Half Field Rental Rental $175.00
Full Field Rental Rental $299.00
Add an Instructor to your Rental$75.00$125.00

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For more pricing information and/or reservations, please contact us at snfclubcranford@gmail.com or 908-272-3900.