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Turf Performance & Conditioning Programs

Turf Performance Club (TPC)
Introduction to Speed & Agility
5th Grade & Up

The Turf Performance Club is a co-ed training program for both athletes and non-athletes.  In sports, our program better prepares athletes bodies to perform at maximum levels while playing their respective sport.  As for the non-athlete, our program helps to improve their bodies, image and self-esteem.  Specifically our training:       

  • Builds a strength and explosiveness
  • Improve overall flexibility
  • Improve Balance and Core Stability
  • Decreases the risks of injury (which has been on the rise in youth sports).
  • Improve speed and agility
  • We have small group as well as one on one sports-specific training

Turf Performance Club (TPC)
Strength System
8th Grade and Up

The TPC Strength System is a program for the advance elite athlete looking to get bigger stronger and faster. Upon a sit down evaluation, this program starts for 8th graders and above. This is a custom built 3 day program a week for athletes in baseball, softball, wrestling, football, basketball, hockey, soccer , lacrosse and rugby. For any questions please email or call.

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